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Fan zine of illustrations compiled by a group of artists for the manga/anime series Yowamushi Pedal.

Our theme was Palettes, inspired by the limited color palette challenge circulating tumblr and twitter. Each piece of artwork features a different palette.

Artists include: Brett, Ems, Jotaku, Jou, KΛM, Kata, Kel, May, Med, Miko, Moaniez, SAKU, Shiie, and Tai.

* Contains NO spoilers!!

Winners will receive:

- 1 fanzine

- 1 purikura sticker sheet, drawn by KΛM.

- 1 sticker sheet featuring 6 images from the series, drawn by Brett, KΛM, Kel, Moaniez, SAKU, and Shiie.


Likes DO NOT count.

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NO giveaway blogs.

ENDS AUGUST 31st, 2014 @ 11:59 PM PST

If you are a winner and pre-ordered, we will not issue refunds. Instead, you will get this additional set!

We will ship anywhere in the world!

Winners picked via random # generator.

Rules subject to change at any time.

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Anonymous asked:
Artemi~! I love your artwork, from lines and colors! I was wondering if you share us your brush settings and stabilizer?? A-And if you could give us a process on how you color hair and skin??? Please???



Why thank you! //////

Um sure, I don’t really have anything out of ordinary though lol

imageimage image

Basically these three are my mains+ SAI’S defaults like Airbrush, blur, and yeah. S-Lining for most of my Linearts and Sketches, H-Lining for hard inks, lay bases and cell shading (Which is basically default pen with border hardness at 0 so it doesn’t get dentate borders), And my Blender which serves to lay colors at full pressure but smudges/blends/blurs at light touch, very useful for bullshit stuff haha o)-Z. I use SAI’s default stabilizer I think?, haven’t touched in a while, I have it at 5 currently so i get a bit without my pc lagging /laughs!.

For Skin um


The colors I chose vary depending on the atmosphere i want to create but the process is pretty much the same; Lay bases, identify light source + reflects, take it on the parts of the body that setoff towards it, and pull the volume and shadows with hard tones (I never use white tho, that was just to illustrate WHEEZE). THEN use the magical blender, pick a medium tone between your base and the shadows and start bullshitting. Finally I get frustrated by the gross and move to Photoshop, move some curves until It looks more or less decent.

For Hair is pretty much the same;


Lay Base, Airbrush the darker zones and the light curve, Add shadows and curse the day you decided to make a detailed lineart cause its way more convenient detailing the hair with the coloring instead o)-Z. Refine with your base tone and Blender, then add highlights, I like to play between little lines like ||||, and lazy crescent moons (Draw a circle, then blend the upper and lower side with the darker tone), and add single strings of hair here and there. THEN cry a lot, move to Photoshop, play with curves and all their sick filters, PRAY TO YOUR FAVORITE DEITY/UNDERWORLD CREATURE until you get the desired result.


As advice, separate your hair in locks and localize apart of the light source, the root of your hair and direction and it makes it easier to put down shade and lights.
And er, i lay bases and Shade/Highlight in the same layer cause if not the blender loses it purpose laughs…. Hope it helps????

Figured this should be over here too yvyb


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